A New Project, a New Concept and a New Technique

Oooh I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. But I am going to give it my best shot. 
Flash back to the weekend. I was idly scrolling through social media when I come across the most lovely jumper on the Black Sheep Wool page. It looked lovely but also looked Knitted so I almost scrolled past it. My eyes glanced quickly over the text and I was very excited when I read it was crocheted. I showed it to my Fiance and he too thought it was Knit. 
It is the Esja Sweater (You can purchase the pattern here), by Tatsiana, of Lillia Bjorn Crochet. A designer I had heard of but never really exolored. I warn you though, click on the link and you may too be in love! 
 I clicked the link that Black Sheep Wool had put in their post to Tatsiana’s blog and was delighted to see she was running a MAL. I have never participated in a Make Along before, so this was new to me but I think it will be great to keep me on track. The make along started yesterday on Tatsianas social media group and will run weekly for a month. All the details can be found here
This pattern also has a new technique for me. I have worked with Linen Stitch and I love it. But i have never done Brioche Crochet before. So this should be a learning curve. 

Down to the yarn. I stuck to the suggested yarn, which is Scheepjes Our Tribe. I chose Silver Birch for the brioche design and The Boy and The Bunting for the body. I cant wait to share this jumper with you and hope to be able to wear it at christmas to impress my family! 

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