WIP Wednesday (07/11/18)

Deary me! I have forgotten to post a WIP wednesday for two weeks in a row! Whoopsie. 
I currently have 3 WIP’s
I started making my November Octo’s for OFAPUK back whilst I was on holiday.

See here I am on Twin Peaks having a bit of a crochet (My fiance was taking forever taking time lapse of the clouds rolling over the city so I took my opportunity to crochet where I could!). But unfortunately, on returning to the UK, both of us came down with tummy bugs then my fiance followed that with a cold so they have been in quarantine ever since. 

I am almost finished with my Sophine Scarf, which I also started whilst on holiday (On the plane, in fact). The stitching is done and its on the blocking board. I just have to wait for it to dry then I can add the fringe and it will be done. 

Carrying on with the lace theme, I started working on the Simple Scallops shawl. At the mo you cant see the laceyness but once its finished and blocked I am sure it will be lovely. 

Tomorrow I will start an exciting new pattern. But more about that once I have collected the yarn from the delivery office tomorrow. 

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