October Makes

Whoopsy! As I was in America last week I got very behind on my blogging. But here I finally am with my roundup of Octobers Makes. 

First, I finished my Honeybuns Beanue

Then I made this tiny baby beanie.

And these 2 Jeanie Beanies.

And these 2 1hr Beanies.

I made another Desert Wind scarf.

Then this Mackinack Beanie.

I sent in a parcel of 17 critters to OFAPUK.

And finally I finished off 2 pairs of Saturday Slippers. 
What a month! But I cant slow down, christmas is iminent! Time to crochet faster than ever! 

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  1. You had a “hat attack”! Very nice beanies. I’m looking to see if I can find the pattern for the “1hr beanie” because I think I would like to make that one some time.

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