Desert Winds Triangle Scarf Mark 2

Hello all! 
So you may have been following along as I have been teaching my colleague and friend Nic to crochet. After we finished the hat we moved straight on to a new project. The desert Winds Scarf by Make amd do Crew. Seriously – their patterns are so great as a resource to teach beginners.
Here is mine, using Caron Cakes Pumpkin Spice.

And here is hers in Caron Cakes Fairy Cake.

Arent they lovely!

We wont be working together now for a while so wont be crocheting together but she already ordered more yarn to make a few more for christmas gifts so I think we can safely say she is hooked. 
What suggestions do you have for beginner projects? I might have a little think and do a little roundup for other beginners. 

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