Baby Time!

Hey all! I am very excited and that is because my friend told me she was pregnant! As someone who has yet to have children I have little opportunity to make the oh so adorable tiny bits and bobs they need! So when a friend has a baby I get really rather excited.
So here is my first part of the gift. A cute little hat! 

Look how tiny it is! 
I used the basic principle of the The 1 hour beanie by Make and Do Crew. However instead of Blo every row, I alternated between blo and flo. Instead of gathering the top I sewed it flat and used 2 poms 1 on each corner. The original pattern doesnt go down as far as baby size so I had to work that out for myself. In the end the rectangle that this hat was constructed from is 16 stitches wide and 14 rows tall. 
I plan to get a few little quick bits (like hats and booties) made now so when she has the baby in february I am pepared – I will be at signallers school from January to April and will then be moving on to a new work location so I will have to gift them early anyways. 
And the yarn is some lovely soft yarn from Poundland. I dont normally buy yarn there but I thought this was lovely so I grabbed it. 

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