My Honey Bun Beanie

Ooooh I am so pleased to share with you this hat.

Its so bright and fluffy. 

The yarn is Baa Ram Ewe Titus 4ply in colourway Viking. Its such a lovely rich warm autumnal colour! Thsi yarn is lovely as its a mixture of Wensleydale and Blue Face Leicester with a little Alpaca thrown in too. Its luxurious but local, using only british fibres and spun and dyed in Yorkshire.

The Pattern is The Honeybun Beanie by Nomad Stitches. You can find it here
I think this pattern but I dont quite think it turned out as the pattern intended and I cant quite work out why. I think because perhaps I have a large head so it was wider than normal. When I got to the final round (at which point you sc2tog all around) I have still 18 stitches. Which I think is what caused the slight puckering.
However, I will definately give it a go again – the pattern is wonderfully written so that you can make it in any yarn weight and size you like, so its completely adaptable. There are plenty of photographs to help you along the way too. 
I made just one adaptation. In the second round of the body of the hat, I created a back loop sc in every 8th stitch. This way, when I came to row 3 where you start your Front post dc’s, I had something easier to work with. You see I couldnt work out how to do a front post dc into a sc. So I did a front loop dc instead into the row below. 
Now to finish up some octo’s. I am finally germ free – yaaaaaay! 

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