September Makes

My gosh! I have been on holiday this last weekend so I totally didnt notice September coming to an end! I was at the British Musical Firework Championships in Southport. 

As well as enjoying the fireworks we had a great time exploring the Vast Sand Dunes of Ainsdale and Birkdale Sandhill Nature Reserve

And we got really rather more excited than most the children and the Model Railway village. 

We also visited a quirky little museum all about lawnmowers! 

Anyways, I digress! I have popped in to do my end of month round up of makes completed in September!

First I completed a trio of Wash Sets

Then I finished my Hotel Of Bees Shawl 

Then another trio of wash sets.

I also completed this pair of Octopusses for Octo for a Preemie UK.

And then I made this Desert Wind triangle scarf. 

Finally I completed the Column Beanie for my Fiance. 
What a busy month! Lets hope I can keep up the productivity. I am a mere 140 yards away from meeting my total yarn consumption from 2017! In october I will smash my last years record! 

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