Column Beanie

Today I am popping in to share with you the second project I finished in the last week. 

This is the Column beanie. You can find the pattern by Leah Oliver here

I am totally in love with the pompom – it is always quite exciting when you make such a perfect pom! Just look at it. 

The yarn is Baa Ram Ewe Dovestone DK. The colour was picked by my Fiance, since this hat was for him. Bless his little face. I could have just picked this colour myself as I knew he would pick it but its nice to get them involved. He was puzzled as to why he needed a new hat. He still wears and is perfectly happy with a hat I made him in 2014. It is too big, very basic, and made with acrylic yarn. It was time for an upgrade I explained. Something more luxurious and interesting looking. And now he is chuffed with his new hat. 

It is so lovely to be marrying someone who receives my handmade gifts so greatfully and treasures them so much. He seems to get so much pleasure when he has the opportunity to pull his homemade goods out of the draw and put them into use. I love him very much! 

Now it is time to make myself a more luxurious hat – an upgrade from my basic acrylic hat, also made in 2014, as pictured above. It has been well loved and well used but its time to upgrade. Keep your eyes peeled! 

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