Paris Wash Sets

Hi all! 
Do you remember, I mentioned my plans to make a big pile of crochet washcloths and facepads to gift at christmas? Well today I am popping in to share with you my first pair of wash sets.
Made out of a couple of half balls of drops paris that I had lying about the place, I made this pair of flanels.

And this set of makeup pads.

I love the colour combos. And they are loely and soft so should feel lovely on the skin. 
The flanels were made with a simple c2c stitch. The facepads were made using a standard crocheted circle with a 36 stitch circumference, comlleted with a round of ss, ch 3, skip a stitch and ss into the next. 
Keep your eyes peeled for my bext facepads, which will come with a full pattern. 

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    1. Indeed! I dont wear makeup personally for many reasons but many of my female relatives do so these will be a great way to cut down a bit on disposable ones. They could be used for cleansers too, thats what I will use them for.

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