The Great Declutter

Good afternoon all! I am incredibly pleased with my self. As you will premember, I have been making an effort to de-stash and declutter. I have been pulling out yarns from the back of my many boxes and using it up for christmas presents. 
Well yesterday, I took the next step. I sorted my yarn out and sent some of it to the charity shop. Yarn I wasnt going to use in all reality. I also sent some board games, some unlived and unworn handmade bits and bobs and a tonne of clothing that I never wore. (It was super easy – about a month ago I went through my wardrobe and packed away a bunch of clothes I dont wear but kept being reluctant to get rid of. By putting them in a box without the commitment of immediate disposal it was easier to be ruthless about what I do and dont need, and as a result, I managed to cut my wardrobe in half! You realise just how much you dont miss most of it.)
Anyways, back to the point. After the trip to the charity shop, I went through my vast stash. I had it stashed everywhere. The main site was 2 sets of draws in the spare room, then I also had a box in my Kallax unit, a bag stashed down the side of the kallax unit, a bag wedged into my book shelf and 2 bags in the cupboard under the stairs. I am very proud to say that now it occupies only the 2 drawer units in the spare room, and the box in the kallax unit – this is more a wip box, so stores just current projects. Previously it was stuffed to bursting with yarn I had bought and was too lazy to put away properly. Wahoooooo. Isnt it a great feeling to get organised.
I am also very pleased to report that I am so close to finishing my Hotel of Bees shawl! It is blocking as we speak so hopefully I will be able to share it with you in full soon! 

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