WIP Wednesday (05/09/18)

Hello my lovelies. Its WIP Wednesday again and I will be starting with a little pointless rant. I know it silly to get annoyed by such things but I am easily annoyed. (10 years of customer service work does that to you). 
I love to see everyones WIP stuff. And a lot of the yarn shops and yarn manufacturers do too. So on facebook they ask to see everyones works in progress. Now what I would say is that over 50% of the people who reply, usually more, will comment with an FO. It really annoys me – I dont even know why. I think perhaps I am just too much of a grump but there are plenty of opportunities to show off your FO’s, but this is not one of them.
See I told you it was silly!  
Anyways, this week I am working on the same 2 projects as last week. The face pads have not seen a single stitch since last week though as I have been super absorbed in the Hotel Of Bees Shawl.

I am now on section 3. I love everything about this pattern – it is so well designed and beautifully written that I just cant put down my hook! 
What are you working on this week?

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