A Pretty Chunky Shawl

Blimey! This month has flown! I have been so busy crocheting that I forgot to blog and now we are halfway through august already! 

Today I am sharing with you this shawl I made.

I followed Vickie Howells Chunky Triangle Shawl pattern, which you can find here. I lived making this pattern as with all chunky projects, you get a very satisfying finished project in a short amount of time. Its well written and fun to follow so take a look.

This wasnt a stashbusting project per se, as I bounght the yarn fairly recently. But I was busting Cygnets stash, as they look soon to be getting rid of Bumper Boucle in order to make way for new yarns. 

Anyways, I really enjoyed this pattern. I modified it slightly, as I couldnt find my 12mm hook so ai used a 15 mm then stopped short of the last few rows as it was already huge due to the 15mm hook. 

Bumper Boucle is super snuggly and warm so I imagine whoever I gift it to will be super cosy wearing it!

I now have 1 and a half skeins left of this yarn so I am off to find something else I can do with it. 

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