WIP Wednesday (08/08/18)

Oh my goodness! Its august which means Autumn is finally on the way. Not that you would know it from this bleeding heat wave we are having. 

I am currently suffering with a bout of tonsillitis. The antibiotics seem to be doing their part though so thats fine. Hopefully I will be back in order in no time. 

I have 3 works in progress on the go at the moment.

Theres these octos. I thought I would production line them, make a few heads then some tentacles. However these are currently inquarentine as you cant make them when you are sick – wouldnt want to risk passing on anything to those tiny little babies! 

I have been working on this Linen Stitch Cowl, using 2 balls of discontinued yarn that have been languishìng in my stash for around 4 years. Its slow going as its quite repetetive, but its a good pattern. It is designed in such a way that you only have to sew in 4 ends in total (2 if like me you carry the tails whilst crocheting row 2 and the final row).

And finally, I have just this morning started this chunky shawl using Cygnet Bumper Boucle. It should be super warm and squishy for its recipient whoever that may be. 

What have you been working on this week. 

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday (08/08/18)

  1. Your projects are beautiful! I find it shocking you actually thought ahead to autumn. I hadn’t actually considered this autumn refreshing thing. You’re right. Just around the corner.


  2. the cowl is lovely, such a pretty stitch, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the shawl turns out. sorry to hear you are ill (though this was a week ago, so hopefully you’re better now!). Surely a virus can’t live on yarn for weeks before finding a new human host? I do understand why they have to take precautions of course, I just didn’t think it was possible!


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