Divine Hat

I had my interview on thursday morning – I think I did a good job. I seemed to get along really well with them and after they interviewed me they told me I had done well and they introduced me to the team and let me have a go at the job. That is a good sign because apparently they (the interviewers) dont usually do that. However, someone could still have come along and scored a few points more than me. But for me the important thing is that I did a good job and if I dont get this particular position, it wont be a reflection on me. I feel that regardless, I made a positive step forward in my career. And now comes the waiting! 

As you will remember I had a burst in my crojo recently, which was then brought to a halt when I received the last minute interview invite. Now that the interview is done (after a few well deserved beers) I have got straight back to crocheting. Another hat has just flown off of my hooks.

This time it is the Divine Hat, by Sarah Arnold. You can find it here

This pattern is a very simple and very pretty one. I have no idea how the maths of it works to be honest – it starts on a strange number of stitches into a magic circle, and there are only 4 rounds that resemble increase rounds but somehow it makes a very well fitting hat! 

My only mod was to add a final row of Sc when I had finished the brim, just to finish it all off. 

Isnt it pretty. 

Its made of James C Brett Monsoon, which is, surprise surprise, another discontinued yarn. According to Ravelry its been in my stash for nigh on 4 years! Thats really bad, but sadly, is probably not the oldest stalwart in my collection! 

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