Finally I Am Organised!

Thank you thank you thank you! 
I read many of your blogs, and recently you have all been making so many lovely things! And I have been inspired! Firstly thank you to Missy’s Crafty Mess and Puddleside Musings, for sharing some wonderful makes that nudged me to get crafting for christmas and start a gift pile, and to Cloudy Day Creations and again Missy’s Crafty Mess for showing me so many lovely hats and inspiring me to make a couple of hats of my own. 
By other peoples standards I may not be going fast but by my standards, Hats are flying off the hook! I have finished one and am already half way through another in the space of just 2 days! And I have learned 2 new stitches! 
The first complete hat can be seen below. 

The pattern is Sequoia Ridges Slouch by Tasha Margette. You can purchase the pattern here. It is just under $5, which for me was about £3.80, which is a bargain – I can see myself using it again and again. It is a lovely pattern. The only criticism I have is that the very first pineaple stitch explination was a little hard for me to follow, so I had to go and work it out elsewhere. 
As for personal modifications, I did slightly misread the instructions. Where Row 10 and Row 15 should have been Half trebles, I only did half doubles. To fix the length issue caused by this I added an extra row of Half trebles between rows 24 and 25. It seemed to work out ok.
Now it has come up a little small on me but I have a large head for a female. As it is going to the gift pile, and will be destined for someone with a normal sized head, this is fine. Were I to make it for myself I would perhaps just go up a hook size to give it a tiny bit more space, or perhaps do a few less decreases in row 26. 
I may put a pom pom on this hat, but it really rather depends on how much yarn I have left after I make this second hat. I am working on the Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat by Tamara Kelly which is free on moogly. Find it here.

Both of these hats are being made from James C Brett Oyster. It is 100% manmade fibre (50% acrylic & 50% Nylon) but it is so super soft you would never guess! Its so soft and has such a gorgeous lustre! Unfortunately this yarn is now dicontinued so I wont be getting anymore. Which is a shame as I could have made many things with it! 
Anyways, I am just pleased as punch that I have finally started a christmas gift pile. Those who have been following me for a while know just what a last minute panic maker I am, so this is a huge stride for me. And its all thanks to all of you for inspiring me into action! I may yet be an organised person! This year seems to be my year of Doing, so no more sitting around and wishing I could be organised. Its time to actually do it! 

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