Yarn Review – Lily Sugar’n’Cream


Name: Lily Sugar’n’Cream Ombre

Price: from £2.50 for the solids up to around £4 for Ombres, Scents, etc.

Ball Weight: from 55g for prints to around 71g for solids

Yarn Weight: Worsted

Yardage: 94 yards for prints, 119 yards for solids

Fibre Blend: 100% Cotton

You can find my project using this yarn here.

What Are the Yarns Benefits

There is a huge choice of patterns, prints, colours and even smells. And a lot of them will match up across ranges, so you can mix and match further.

This yarn is very robust and works up very quickly. It makes perfect dish cloths, tea towels and face scrubbies, as well as Octos.

It can be washed at high heat so from a hygiene point of view it would be great for children’s toys.

What Are Its Drawbacks

As they are American the weights of the balls are really weird! Not a huge problem but it means you have to think a little harder when doing the maths around a pattern.

This yarn is really rough on your hands – it makes your hands feel quite dry.

As is so robust and thick I don’t think it would make especially good garments – it wouldn’t have much drape of much stretch.

It was also quite splitty when I was crocheting it.

Finally, some of these yarns are not colourfast – watch out for the yarns containing indigo dye.

My Rating

Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 6/10

Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 5/10

Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 5/10

Final Score – 16/30

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