WIP Wednesday (13/06/18)

Hello all. 
Its just a short one today. Unfortunately just in time for world Knit (and Crochet) in Public Day I busted up my hand. Now thise who know me know I am always crocheting in public – on the train, on the bus, in coffee shops, at work, at the doctors. But early on saturday I was doing my security patrol at work. I went to grip a door handle to check the door was shut and I must have gripped it dunny because all the muscles in my hand went ping. My hand started shaking and my fingers seased up – I couldnt bend them at all. The tips of my fingers were tingly. My ring finger started to swell so I had to whip my engagement ring off a bit sharpish and apply ice. After some ice and ibuprofen and some rest my hand is now all ok, but it did rather scupper my prospects of crocheting for a few days. 
I have only managed a few more petals for my first rose. I am close to habing a finished rose. But I really need to speed it up a bit – the flower show is in 10 days time! 
Most progress this week has been on my Movie Night Cardi. I finally managed to finish the granny square part and now that its just cuffs and collar to go, its finishing up real quick. 

I am using 1 ball of Stylecraft Batik to finish it off, pictured above. I love the way the colours work together. As you can see below I have now finished both cuffs. So hopefully by the end of the night shift I have just started, I will have a nice new cardi to show you. The pattern calls for two rounds of single crochet for the collar but i have around 30g of yarn left so I reckon I could manage maybe a 3rd row. We shall see. 

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments!

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