WIP Wednesday (06/06/18)

Its the first month of summer here in the UK – although it feels like we had no spring this year, hopping straight from snow to sweltering heat. 
That means its also the first WIP Wednesday of the summer. And I have 2 completely opposite projects on the hooks. 
The first is my Movie Night Cardi. I am so close to completing the base square. Just 2 more colour repeats to go. Not very summery at all but very pretty! I know I said this last month and the month before too but I hope to finish it this month. 

And the second is a very summery project – the start of my wedding flower experiment for a flower show I will be attending at the end of June! I am using the Flower show as a great deadline for finally cracking on with my wedding bouquet experiments. I have started with some simple roses. Here are a couple of petals waiting to be sewn together to form the rose head. I had a fourth petal almost finished but then had to frog it – I had been awake for over 16 hours at this point so my tired brain didnt take note of what hook I had been using. The first three were made with a 2.5mm hook but I picked up a 4.5mm hook by mistake so it came out far too big! 

I am working with Drops Merino baby merino. I have 6 balls in total in shades of green and purple. Gonna have a play around and see what I can create. 

What are you working on this week?

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