Stash Busting Sunday (03/06/18)

Its that time again. Another stashbusting set of cards.
Like in my very first stash busting post, I used a couple of 6×6 kraft cards, and a paper pack and sentiment set from Poundland’s Fall in Love range, with the addition of a sheet of green glitter paper, also from poundland.

In this use of these craft materials, I tried to master an origami flag tulip. I had originally planned an origami flat rose but the photo instructions for the rose I had fallen in love with were very unclear and I could find no video to explain it better. (I feel with origami that a video really does help). Anyways, I still had origami flowers on the mind, and then I found the origami tulip. It is a very simple but lovely way of embellishing cards.
One thing I have realised on making these is that not all paper patterns create such appealing tulips. The pastel tulips are lovely, but, for example, the red chevron tulips are not as lovely. I enjoy the overall impact and contrast on that particular card but the red chevron tulips are just so busy that its quite hard to see the folds and therefor it is not so clear what they are.

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