WIP Wednesday (30/05/18)

Good evening everyone!

After 2 very stressful days at work (both Monday and Tuesday the station flooded so the trains decended into chaos very quickly). Then yesterday we finally got the station unflooded, I finally took a break, and half way through my break got called to an possible overdose in the toilets. When I arrived on the phone to emergency services he awoke and started waving needles at my colleague! My word its been a busy few days! So I am glad to report that today has been wholey uneventful and I have been able to get on with my personal work projects and paperwork that has needed doing for weeks. 

Now, I only have the one WIP today. Mainly because I scrabbled to get all of my peojects done by the 23rd of may. One of my favourite PS4 games (Stardew Valley) was releasing a port for PSVita (a portable gaming device) was releasing that dqy so I wanted to have undevided attention of release day. 

I am almost finished the base square of my Movie Night Cardi. I have been so bored by it but I have been trying to get at least a row done whenever I get the chance. 

I have got my next project in my brain ready to go so hopefully I will get started this week. Many of you will be aware that I am in the process of planning my wedding. I have plans to crochet my own bouquet and center peices. I brought all of the components to make a test bouquet months ago but as I dont have a date for my wedding yet and I really dont work wellunless there is some sense of urgency, I have been really rubbish at starting. However – Beckenham Place Park, just down the road from me, are holding their very own flower show, which will be running like a traditional county show, with tents and multiple horticultural categories for people to enter and judges and awards. Now, one of their categories is crafted flowers of any kind. What a perfect excuse to crack on and try some of the flower patterns I have been hoarding. 

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