#octopledge2018 May Donations

Hello all! We are almost at the end of the month so its time once again for my log of Octo’s made for OFAPUK.

I made 8 creatures to donate this month. 2 flatties and 6 octos. This takes me to a total of 30 donated critters so far.

This octo made its way to an angel baby. I made this one on the go and handed it over at my first ever octo meet (we all met up for coffee and crochet in waterloo). It was a very valuable experience. As it turns out one of the local Co-ordinators, the lovely Nicola, is a sports physio and was able to show me some exercises for my carpal tunnel. She looked over this octo and explained to me it had a few holes around the decreases. As it turned out, my understanding of how to do invisible decreasing was wrong. Nicola showed me how to do it in person and now I have it licked.

Here are the other seven I just recently sent to my Co-ord. 6 of them are going to preemies. The green octo in the middle of the first photo will be going to an Angel as one of the tentacles was a little too long.
I really do enjoy making them and the feedback from my co-ord really helps. I really think it may be realistic for me to aim for a full house of preemi grade octos for next month’s donations.
If you want to get involved please dont hesitate. They are such fun to make and are such a lovely way to use your crocheting and knitting skills for good! And you get to meet lots of lovelies. We have regular meetups where we habe some cake, coffee and crocheting. You can learn so much! Just search facebook for Octopus for a Preemie UK. You will find all the info you need there.
Until next time! Happy hooking!

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