Hook’n’Learn part 3

Hello all! My word am I knackered today! We had the most rediculously heavy rain shower. It was very small in terms of ground covered, but it was really heavy. Like a tropical monsoon. As you know I work at London Victoria station. One minute it was dry. The next minute the station was flooded! It was crazy! We had to shut 4 platforms as well as half of 2 concourses, because it was so treacherous! The roof just couldnt take the pressure it was that heavy! So I spent the last couple of hours running around like a headless chicken trying to manage the flooding in my area and keep the passengers safe. It was mental!

Anyways, just popping in to share with you my completed blocks for the Simply Crochet Hook’n’Learn blanket CAL. This month it was shell stitch. I love shell stitch. It creates such a pretty texture and when using 2 different colours, creates a fabric that looks different depending on what side you view it from. The only downside to this block is the number of ends that need sewing in. The bane of all of our lives!

Here it is plugged into my diagram. I like how it looks so far. I can start to see it all coming together.

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