Yarn Review – Knitcraft Hug It Out


Name: Knitcraft Hug It Out

Price: £5 But often in a 3 for 2 offer

Ball Weight: 200g

Yarn Weight: Super Chunky

Yardage: 64 yards

Fibre Blend: 100% Acrylic

You can find my project using this yarn here.

What Are the Yarns Benefits

I love the colours this is available in. A selection of warm, neutral and cool shades. The orange colour I chose was just divine! 

It is very soft and squashy and warm – it makes a lovely squishy scarf. I imagine it would make a super squashy throw or a great wintery jumper.

What Are Its Drawbacks

It was quite splitty. Perhaps this is because I am knew to knitting, but I think it would have been quite splitty had I crocheted with it too. The downside of its squishiness is that there isn’t as much twist so the fibres are easier to split. 

And although being soft and squashy it is quite obvious that it is made from acrylic – it has a bit of squeakiness going over the needles and a little plastic shine. 

Finally whilst the colours they have are gorgeous, there arent nearly enough of them! With only 7 shades to choose from there isn’t a lot of choice. 

My Rating

Versatility (does it have multiple uses?) – 7/10

Wearability (how comfortable is it to wear) – 7/10

Workability (how nice is it to work with?) – 5/10

Final Score – 19/30

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