A Beautiful Day for a Wedding 

Last week I had the most wonderful day celebrating the marriage of one of my lovely friends, Helen and her wonderful new Husband, William. We celebrated at The Orangery, just outside of Maidstone which was simply stunning.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner of roast chicken and most scrumptious trio of desserts – chocolate brownie, lemon tart and creme brulee. I drunk rather a lot of wine and beer and had a good old dance to some 90’s disco classics. It was lovely. Of course, the best part was seeing someone that means so much to me so happy. I was in tears during the first dance as I thought back to the Hen Do and remembered her telling me ‘she didn’t regret anything in her life because she had found her perfect guy’. It was all so lovely.
And now it is over, I can finally show of the gift I made for them.

Arent they sweet! Here is a close up of the faces.

And if you thought they couldn’t get and sweeter, here they are from the back.

I am glad to report that the bride and groom loved them. The professional photographer took a lovely photograph of them holding their gift, so, providing they will permit it, I will share that with you when It becomes available.
I made it up as I went along. I was sure I had seen a pattern for something like this on pinterest a good long while ago, bus as is often the case with pinterest, things can get lost forever and no amount of searching seemed to bring it back to me. So I had to use my knowledge of amigrumi to work it out for myself.
I weighed the down by stuffing the body with a balloon filled with rice. This allowed them to stand much firmer on their own.
I was so glad to see their expression when they opened it. It made the work I put in totally worthwhile. I hope they will treasure them for years to come.

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