WIP Wednesday (16/05/18)

Whew, I just finished catching up with all the wonderful blogs I follow! Almost a months worth! I shall try not to get that far behind again. Also I do apologise if I have been making your notifications ping in the middle of the night! Such is the problem with working unsociable hours! 

 Anyways, Just popping in for another WIP Wednesday post. 

I have 3 projects in the works at the moment. 

I have done a few more rows of my Movie Night Cardi. I cant sit for more than a row or two at a time as it is so boring. I am sure I will be less bored once I get to the cuffs though, as I will be in the home stretch!

On the octo making front, I have finished  my ball of toscana so have moved to the half ball of Cottonsoft Crush remaining from the wedding cats I made. (You will get to see them tomorrow). 

And I am making a start on the 3rd part of the Stitch n Learn CAL. This time it is Shell Stitch. Its nice to be making a dual coloured square again, and this time I havw gone for a very bright pair of colours!

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