#Octopledge2018 Mid May Update

Hi all! We are half way through May so its time for an update on my octo making activities.

I have already handed in one little fella as I finished him at a meet up of london OFAPUK makers. I say little, he was positvely behemoth in comparison to some of the dainty little things. Unfortunately, due to my misunderstanding how to do an invisible decrease there were some quite large holes around his bottom. But all is not lost as one of the ladies showed me how to do it properly so now I know what I did wrong I can put it right. I also learnt some handy dandy physio exercises to help me cope with my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (One of the ladies was a sports physio). 
As well as the little chappy I handed in, I have also made this little trio.
And I am now working on another one.
So its been a productive month so far.

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