A New Tape Measure

I wonder how many of you share this problem with me. It doesnt matter how many tape measures I own, when I need one, they are nowhere to be seen. Every single time. I just cant find them when I need them. Then I may be tidying and find upwards of ten of the elusive little buggers.  I will put them in really sensible places so next time, I will be sure to be able to find them when I need them. But by the time next time arrives, they have all just snaked their way into hiding again! Its driving me nuts.

Hopefully this one will follow a better fate.

When I came home from the wedding on Friday afternoon my copy of Simply Crochet was already waiting for me on my door mat. And this was the free gift.

I fell in love immediately. So I dropped everything, grabbed a cup of tea and some Jammy Dodgers and got to work.

I did have a few little snags whilst making this. The most obvious being with thd heart in the middle. I use the term heart loosely as what I achieved was a vaguely triangular blob. The other issue I had was with tension – When I reached the final row of the jammy center circle, it was nowhere near big enough to fit over the tape measure casing. So I had to crochet another row before I could start the back loop doubles. After a tense game of yarn chicken, I did just about manage to complete the jammy center but even with the extra row and the subsequent extra dc stitches it was still a bit of a stretch.

Having said that, it is still very lovely. And I hope to be able to use it for many yeads to come. I have already had a request for one from my Nan, so I now need to find somewhere to purchase the tape msasure bases.

Did you give this a go yet? What did you think?

Ps. I hust realised how far behind I am on reading your wonderful blogs! Jeepers! Ever so sorry I havent popped by recently.  I am going to try to catch up on my night shift tonight.

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