Stash Busting Sunday (06/05/18)

As I have previously mentioned a couple of times this year, I plan to make this the year of stashbusting. I have so many supplies which always leads me to feel guilty about buying new yarn or new papercrafting bits and bobs.
Well its time I started getting through my stash! So every 2 weeks I plan to share with you some of my stash busting endeavours.
To start with, it will all be about the cards…
I made these cards with just a couple of Kraft 6×6 bases, and A paper pack and sticker set from poundlands Fall In Love card crafting pack.

I am very pleased with this collection of cards – nice and flat for easy mailing, pretty neutral (perfect for people like me and my mum who arent particularly flowery or girly).
My one slight issue is that in the diagonal stripe card, both the book and the heart papers are on upside down. Whoopsie! I think I must have had the card upside down (with the fold at the bottom) but by the time I noticed it was too late to rectify the problem. I dont think it sticks out too much so I am ok with it.
Lets see what cards I can come up with next.

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