WIP Wednesday (02/05/18)

My god how is it already May! It doesnt feel like it, what with the terrible weather we have had. We are in the final month of spring now and apart from a particularly sunny few days in mid april where everyone immediately started dressing like they were in Magaluf, its been miserable. It has actually felt like mid autumn, with grey skies and cold winds. 

Anyways, here are my WIP’s this week.

I am almost finished this Octo using Sirdar Toscana. Such a lovely yarn to work with. Just habe to stuff him and attatch his bum.

I have also been doing another Ami. I am using King Cole Cottonsoft Crush in Calico. I cant tell you what it is as it is a wedding gift for someone who often eyeballs my blog. But I can promise it will be adorable! 

And I am still working on my Movie Night Cardi – I am on the final cake. So I should finish if I keep going at it. Its just getting quite boring as plain grannies tend too – they grow fast in the beginning but then slow right down the bigger they get. 

What are you up to at the mo? Anything fun? Cant wait to see all of your WIP’s

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