#Octopledge2018 Aprils Donations

This month, I only managed 2 Octopusses and 1 Flattie.

All three were made using a single ball of King Cole Cotton Giza Sorbet. 
The Octopus on the Left went to a Preemie.
The Octopus on the Right went to an Angel as the tentavles were too short.
The flattie went to am Angel as it had 1 tentacle too long.
I am pleased with this outcome. I struggled with this yarn (I am not a fan of 4ply yarn) and was sure there would be holes. So the fact that it is only the tentacle length that is a problem is great. 

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    1. Indeed. The flatties are a great way to practice the yarn under technique and require less materials and take less time. A lot of people start with flatties 🙂

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