Aprils Makes

I havent had a terribly productive time of it this month. I started April with horrendous pain from my carpal tunnel syndrome, then I got a cold which circulated my household for a while so I didnt get as much done as I had planned. Here is what I did acheive. 

I made these roses which became this hat.

I completed the second part In the Simply Crochet Hook n Learn CAL. 

I made 3 little Octopus.

And I made this little cat on a whim yesterday. I just had an urge to make a cat… no idea why. It isnt perfect as I made it up as I went along. My other half is insisting we give it a name. But the only idea he could come up with was Jess (inspired by postman pat) but that wasnt suitable as it is only black (not black and white) Or Doomfist (We were playing Overwatch on the PS4 at the mo). Anyway, his naming privaleges were speedily revoked. And I still have no idea. Suggestions?

Next month I hope to have at least completed my Movie Night Cardi, and I have a wedding gift to be working on, as well as the CAL and my octos. 

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