Secret Cinema

Oh My Gosh. Secret cinema was absolutely stunning! 

For anyone who doesnt know of Secret Cinema, its a fully immersive cinmea expenrience, where they rebuild the setting of the film, assign all attendees with carachters, costume requirements and agendas and when you get there on the day you get to be a part of the story that precedes the film you are going to see. 

The first time I went, it was Star Wars. They had rebuilt Tatooine and the Mos Eisly Bar. Later on we escaped Tatooine after a raid searching for rebels, and we flew off to the Death Star. They reenacted key moments from A New Hope, and you colud get imvolved in mossions involving many of the cast and then we watched The Empire Strikes Back, again with hey parts accompanied by live re-enactments. I went twice and was a mercenary (I designed and crocheted a vest for this costume which you can find here) then an X Wing pilot.  I got the tickets cheap as I had an actor friend who was in it but it was totally worth the full price. So when I saw they were doing a Blade Runner event, I just HAD to go! 

They assign you and identity and some identity documents, a Class and an agenda. They tell you what you are required to wear and what you are required to bring. When you book they only say it is Zone 2, no more until a week before you go. 

I these are the only 2 pictures I habe from the night as photography is strictly prohibited – in fact, before you enter they make you seal your phone away in a protective bag. 

They had rebuilt Downtown LA Chinatown. The bazzaar. They had even simulated the acid rain. They rebuilt the Snake Pit. The story concerned the Blackout that led to the Ban on Replicants. We became bart of the Blackwatch. It was so much fun. 

My carachter was Florence amd my partner was Franesco. We were Tannhauser Industrialists. Here was my costume:

As you will remember I made my own hat (it turned out more of a Facinator but you get the gist). 

First I crocheted a couple of roses. I made a semicircular fan of net. Then I layered the net, followed by the feathers then finally the roses onto a semicircle of felt then glued it to the base. 

I would urge anyone who is hesitating because of the price to just book it. You wont regret it. It may seem pricey (tickets start at around £50) but it is so worth it. In fact, its worth way more than it costs – its so much fun! I cant wait to see what they come up with next!

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