Hook n Learn part 2 – Waffle Stitch

Just popping in today to share my finished squares for part 2 of the Hook n Learn blanket from Simply Crochet Magazine.

Arent they pretty. Obviously they aren’t blocked yet. I will do that later. I am already farmilliar with waffle stitch as I used it in my Last Dance on the Beach blanket. Its such a nice stitch as it gives a lovely thick and textured fabric.
I recently found an (admittedly poor resolution) picture of the finished Colour Crafter blanket (they look different depending on the yarn you choose as they are laid out differently). I am going to use this to inform my colour choices.

I have made a little diagram to help me decide on colour placement.

Here are my squares so far added to the diagram.

I love these colours together. I cant wait to make more!

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