Flowers in Bloom

My first finished objects of April. A set of 4 crocheted roses.

Wow isnt black had to photograph!

Anyways, they were easy enough to make.

The smallest 2 were made using a foundation chain of 30. I then Sc into each chain space 30 times. On the final row, I created the petals by simply skipping 1 stitch, Dc 5 times into the next stitch and ss into the next stitch until the end.

For the medium sized rose, I started with a foundation chain of 90. And did the same as the smallest soed, the only difference being that instead of a row of Sc I did Hdc instead.

Finally for the largest rose I used a foundation chain of 150. On the second row I did 50 Sc, then 50 Hdc the 50 Dc. Then on the final row continued as with the other two roses.

Finally I sewed them all up in a spiral to create the rose shape.

I intend to use the 3 smaller ones on my pill box hat with some dark green tipped feathers and perhaps some net and ribbon. The larger rose will ne used to make a matching brooch to fasten my (faux) fur collar.

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