WIP Wednesday (28/03/18)

This weeks WIP pile is pretty simmilar to last weeks, with one addition:

I will be attending secret cinema in mid april so have decided to make my own hat for my costume. I did look in charity shops but did not find anything suitable so instead will make my own. I will go into more detail about my costume closer to the time. But here is the start of some little crochet roses I intend to put on my hat.

Isnt this tiny 25g ball adorable!

I have completed a few more rows of the block stitch square for the Hook ‘n’ learn CAL. I am forever greatful to myself for getting it together to sew in the ends as I went along! I am at row 33 so only have another few to go until the block is complete. I hope to finish it in the next day or two.

And you will be glad I found my errant Hug It Our Yarn. I suddenly had a flash of memory. Anyways, due to a 2 hour train journey to a hen do down in Kent, I made a whole 100g of yarns worth of progress on my first ever knitted scarf. I could have made another 2 hours on the way back but I was very tired amd had consumed around 2/3 of a bottle of gin on my own the night before so didnt feel like doing much more than sleeping to be honest!

How has your week been?

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