Its Done! Yahoooooo!

I have been working on this project since september last year. It kept being put to the side as deadlines for other projects loomed. You have heard me say “I hope to finish by” so many times over the weeks and months since I started, But I can now finally say, ITS DONE! *Does a happy dance*.

My Sunny Granny Jumper is done!

I am very very pleased with it.

I made it up as I went along to my specific (quite chunky) measurements, so I cant provide a pattern. But I can describe how I did it.

The first step was to take measurements. Now I know the photo would suggest I am potato shaped, I am in fact an hour glass so it didnt matter for me wether I used my hip or bust measurements. If you are a pear or triangle then you would take the larger of the 2 measurements (since this is a sort of baggy 80’s style jumper).
I took my chest measurement (116 cm), then halfed it (58 cm). I created two granny squares that were slightly larger than this (62 cm) then stitched them together into a tube using the flat zipper method.
I then kept adding rows to each side of the tube along the top of the granny squares until I had two flaps that were long enough to meet just above my shoulder. Along the top corners I sewed the flaps together to create a vest.
To create the sleeves, I first single crocheted around the arm holes to create a base row, then just continued with straight rounds until the sleeves were just below my elbow. Now I added the trim.
To do this, I simply dropped a hook size and did a couple of rounds around the neckline, cuffs and bottom of the jumper in linen stitch, until I was happy with how it looked.
I really love the colours! So warm and sunny – a stark contrast to the cold snowyness of today!
Its made in Drops Paris amd took almost 200 yards of yarn (almost 25 balls!)

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  1. Yay! And yippee! 🎉 it’s so cool, and you look fab wearing it. It looks so cosy and it’s great that it’s warm bright colours. Congratulations on persevering with it. It was worth the wait! And thanks for sharing how you made it too.

  2. Congratulations on such a beautiful finish! Even better, it fits you wonderfully! Have fun wearing your sweater!!!

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am very happy with the fit, but I am planning on loosing a bit more weight (lost 10kg another 20kg to go). Luckily its constructed like a baggy 80’s style jumper so it should still look good when I get smaller!

      1. Sweaters are forgiving that way, especially if you lose rather than gain significant amounts of weight. I’ve lost a few pounds and my larger sweaters still fit fine. I think the only types of sweaters you’d have to worry about with getting the right fit would be the kind that are super tailored or close-fitting jumpers with set-in sleeves.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I hope to mKe more clothes too – gonna stick to patterns first though – I think perhaps making it up as I go along wasnt the best idea for a first attempt!

      1. If they turn out that well, I’d say it certainly wasn’t a bad idea! 😊
        The best things are made from unboxed creativity. I think patterns are great for building up confidence, learning new stitches, and just getting a feel for how certain things are made and shaped.

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