#Octopledge2018 Mid March Update

Were now half way through the month which means its time for an update on my octo making activities.

I have finally managed to use up some of the yarns from my very first batch.
I have managed to make 3 and a half jellys:

And one octo:

I really love the look of the jellys but my gosh, they are so much harder to sew together on account of the stuffing hole being much larger. With an octo the final round, the opening where you put the stuffing in, is only 16 stitches round, but in a jelly it is 24 stitches round and due to its shape it is really hard to keep the stuffing in!
I also used Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream for the first time. A lot of people in the group hate it, but I think its ok – the colours are great, it is very sturdy and works up nice and quickly. I liked it so much I went to hobbycraft yesterday and bought some more (I had to really – I dont have enough yarn in the Mod Green colourway to finish the half finished jelly).
Anyways, this means I have once again surpassed my pledge of 2 a month. I hope to make some more though, since they are fun to make. Having said that, my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is flaring right up again, so I am resting my hands for a bit. Only time will tell if they get better enough for me to make a few more before the months end.

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