A Departure from Pattern Writing

Hello all. Welcome to a brand new week. I hope it is going to treat you well!
I have been thinking a bit over the weekend, about my crocheting, and I have come to a decision.
I am going to make a departure from pattern writing.
I love writing crochet patterns and one day I would love to be able to reach the levels of some of the wonderful blogs I follow – who are good enough to write books, collab with yarn brands and feature in magazines. But I need to improve my skills.
I really felt I learnt a lot from doing my last dance on the beach blanket, and so have decided I should focus on improving both my crochet and writing skills by learning from other peoples patterns.

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          1. I’ve done a bit more today and have just fogged all my bobbles as I had one less than I should have! I’ll blog about it tomorrow, but at least I have made some progress and had some crochet time today

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