WIP Wednesday (07/03/18)

And blimey its already March!

I havent managed any more of my knitted scarf.

I have however, managed to finish up the buly of my jumper. I just need to do the blue accents then It will be done!

And I have been working on these little bits of octos whilst travelling (since the jumper is now just a bit unweildy to work with in public now).

And I played 2 games of yarn chicken and won this week!

This first one was perhaps a cheat – I knew I wouldnt make the whole 4 tentacles so skipped 2 to finish it at least symetrically. That way I can add 2 tentacles in other colours.

But this one really was a nail biter. Look how close I came to running out!

What have you been up to this week?

6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday (07/03/18)

  1. I love your jumper… Are you going to model it for us?
    Congrats on your yarn chicken successes…. I can imagine how tense that would have been on your jumper. I always find myself crocheting faster in that situation… Maybe in the hope that the yarn won’t notice its being used up… Or maybe just coz I can’t stand the tension and need to know how it’s going to work out!!

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