WIP Wednesday (28/02/18)

How is it already the end of February! Where does the time go! And what is with this snow! I love snow and growing up in kent we only got a little snow every few years and it was nothing to write home about. Over the last few years the amount of snow across the country has vastly increased but now I live in london (which has its own microclimate due to the sheer amount of pollution and the sheer number of people and businesses and homes creating so much heat) we still only see a little snow which melts away and only very rarely sets. So this has been bloody fantastic!

Here are some photographs I took whilst out on a walk yesterday.

And I have woken up and its even deeper this morning! My only slight problem is that I start night shifts tonight and Victoria station is probably actually colder than the outside! As it has enourmous entrances on one side for the trains and on the other end for people its like sitting in an enourmous wind tunnel! I just hope I dont get snowed in to work overnight!

**Edit I am now at work and its so bad its snowing inside…***

Anyways, Its Wednesday, so that means its time to look at my WIP’s for the week.

My Knitted scarf hasnt had much progress this week as I have been focussing on my jumper.

The jumper is getting along nicely. I am working on the sleeves at the mo so I hope to finish by next week when I visit my auntie so I can show off my first ever garment to her and my nan! Unfortunately its geting a bit hard to carry with me and do on the train so its now more of a home project. It takes up nearly my entire rucksack!

So whilst I was on the bus to Bethnal Green last night for a comedy gig, I started my first jellyfish of March.

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