My Portraiture Journey

I have been watching a lot of portrait artist of the year recently. Despite being terrible at painting and not ever being particularly skilled at art I really enjoy watching the paintings coming into form.

Anyways, I was wandering round the shops yesterday and I just got this overwhelming urge to draw. So I bought myself an inexpensive sketch book and a set of charcoal pencils. And off I went.

I decided at first to start the journey by doing a self portrait just as it came out. Here is what I managed.

And here is the photo it is based on.

I am actually really pleased for a first attempt. I was expecting it to be a lot more juvenile and haphazard. I was never terribly good at art and havent tried to draw anything in a good decade at least. Granted its not perfect but its certainly looks like me and without prompting my other half was able to recognise that it was me.

I found a real joy in creating this picture. It made me really happy to see it come together.

Now I have this in the first page of my notebook as a start mark I think I would like to start learning the finer details of portraiture and learning the finer details of drawing eyes and mouths and ears and such. Then maybe I can move on to different mediums.

Exciting plans for the future.

5 thoughts on “My Portraiture Journey

  1. Like with any skill-based type of thing, it just takes practice. Crochet probably taught you that and now you’re exploring. Keep up the positive attitude and keep practicing if it makes you happy. There are all sorts of fun drawing classes you can take and books to follow to add to your trove of tricks! Nice job on a first go, too!

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