#Octopledge2018 Mid February Update

This is my progress so far for this months donations to Octopus For a Preemie UK.
I have actually hidden them away for now because they are so bloody addictive that I was neglecting my other WIP’s as well as my other hobbies!
The first I made was the smaller purple one. Then the larger purple one. I was very surprised when making the heads what a difference hook size can make.

Both of these heads were made using exactly the same pattern and exactly the same yarn (Ice Jeans incase you were wondering). The only difference is that the one on the left was made using a 2mm hook amd the one on the right was made using a 2.5. Just 0.5mm of a difference and such different sizes – really makes you think. How many times have we chosen to go up or down half a size because we cant find the correct hook. Who knew it could make such a difference. Perhaps in the future I best be more accurate with my hooks.
Amyways, I hope to make 1 or two more by the end of the month, but that will depend on how I go with my other WIPs. Wish me luck.

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