FO Friday (26/01/18)

Oh my gosh I actually have something to show you for once.

I made this hat and scarf set for myself – to keep me warm at work. As I already said, I am on niggt shifts this week so need something to keep me warm that matches my uniform.
So I made this hat.

And this scarf.

I finished the scarf on wednesday and the scarf just 20 minutes ago.
The hat was made using the Basic Chunky Beanie Hat pattern from Marias Blue Crayon. You can find it here. I followed the pttern almost exactly. The only difference being that I added an extra 3 rows between row 11 and 12 and I used a 6mm hook instead of 6.5mm, simply because I didnt have a 6.5mm.
The scarf didnt have a pattern but I used the same basic idea from the hat pattern – a row of 20 hdc followed by a row of 20 trebles.
So now I am a little warmer in this cold old station – now I just have to hope this shift goes easily (I am not holding out much hope though – the last weekend of the month, payday weekend, always brings out the drunken egits, and with them comes the fighting, vomiting, passing out, and being so bladdered they cant control their bodily functions or work out how to get themselves home safely. Oh well – at least I wont be bored!

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