(Belated) Christmas Crafting…

Ok. So I know christmas is over. But in true ‘ME’ style, I am once again behind. I had really hoped to get this finished in time to display for christmas (as well as some of the items from this range published in simply crochet issue 50) but the Last Dance on the Beach blanket really took over my life in November and December. So I only just got around to finishing it. 
I know. Its late. In fact so late that I finished it the same day we took all the decorations down… (on sunday). Now I could have left it lingering but I really need to try to keep on top of my projects. So I cracked on anyways. And here it is!

And here are a few detail shots. 

Over all I am quite pleased with it. It turned out really cute. 
It is slightly different to the original. 
For one, I didnt stick to the yarn guide – the pattern suggested using Scheepjes Catona for the brown white and red colours but then Scheepjes Sunkissed for the rest. This seemed quite illogical to me, so I chose to pick simmilar colours in Catona instead. 
The other difference is due to my own sillyness. I didnt bother to double check the pattern before buying the polystyrene base, so had to modify the initial panel to go around a base that was 5cm larger in diameter. It took a lot of manipulating but I managed it eventually. 
I must say though, I absolutely adore the little candy canes – arent they just lovely! This particular shade of Catona (Poppy Red) is just so festive! 
I cant wait to crack on with more in this range. Hopefully this year I can keep on top of my christmas crafting…

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