(FINALLY) My Last Dance on the Beach

I finished it! I bloody well finished it. My first ever adult sized blanket made solely on my own. Yes, I meant it to be finished by christmas and yes I had to gift it on christmas morning with an IOU of completion but I finished. I am so proud of myself!

Above you can see how it looks when it is fully spread out. Below are some close ups. 

And, of course, some of my cat doing her very best to get in the way of my photos. 

The little bugger! Its almost as if she feels photographs are made for her to show off how beautiful she is, and like she has a duty to put herself in all my pictures!
Anyways, for some reflections on this project. 
My first observation, back when I started this project, saw how lovely and squashy the Scheepjes Colour Crafter yarn is! Boy is it soft. But it is also very sticky – we ended up in a terrible pickle where the yarn had stuch together and got tangled and took 3 experienced yarnies to even partially rescue. That was fun…
I really loved this project though. I feel like it would be perfect to learn new skills, kinda like a sampler. I learnt many new stitches during this project that will definately become part of my regular repetoir. 
I only had two small issues with this project. The first was totally my own fault born out of a pain in the arse coulour choice. The dark purple squares gave me headaches as I was straining so much to see the stitches. 
The other issue was with the wavy square. I just couldnt follow the pattern. All the slip stitching proved too difficult for me so I ended up winging my way to something that vaguely resembled the original design. 
Over all though, I am absolutely in love with thos blanket. And my fiance loves it too – in fact, he is barely seen at home without it draped across him or wrapped around him. And of coudse, the cat loves to snuggle up in it too. 

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    1. Its definatley worth it – its a lovely way to learn new skills. I learn flat zipper stitch, star stitch, popcorn stitch, how to make images out of clusters (in the heart square).

  1. Yippeeee! Congratulations. You must be so pleased. You’ve done well to get it finished so soon after christmas anyway. Those dark purple squares look fab with the others, and will have been worth all the eye straining (I hate how dark colours are so much harder to crochet, but they really lift so many designs). It looks super cosy and the fiancé constantly cwtching in it has to make you feel even more pleased with having completed such a huge project.

    1. I am 🙂 It makes you all warm and fuzzy to come home from work and see your love and your kitty cuddled up to each other under a blanket you made. I am so pleased! Thanks for your lovely words!

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