WIP Wednesday (03/01/18)

Good afternoon! I know a lot of stuff you find at this time of year is about the new. And whilst I do indeed have many ideas inside my head, I am endeavouring to complete old projects first. So this is my current list of WIP’s. You will probably recognise them all!

First and with the most progress is my sunny yellow jumper. I have now completed both the front and back panels. I just have to stitch them together and turn the tube into an actual wearable item.

I have to finish this wreath. Yes I know christmas is over but I cant very well leave it until next christmas!

I have made most of the little decorative bits. I just need to do 3 more tiny doors and 3 more sets of windows before I can assemble.
And finally I have to finish this chunky star stitch scarf.

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  1. I’ve got too far to go on my current wips to consider finishing them all before starting something new but I definitely needa plan to get going on them! I can’t wait to see how your jumper takes shape. Are you following a pattern for it?

    1. I am not actually. I am making it up as I go along (bit mad considering I have never made a jumper before). But if it works it should be something I can turn into a sort of pattern. We shall see!

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