A Year in Recipes (2017 Edition)

Another reflective post – this time in all the recipes I have created and published. 

First was this rocky road brownie fudge back in February. You can find the recipe here

I then made this butternut squash cake in March as a experiment. Turned out quite well. The recipe is here.

Then I made these yummy Butterscotch and Choc Chip Cookies. Also in March. The recipe is here

Then came these Roti breads. 

And this Lemon Meringue cheesecake. Also in March. (I was clearly on a roll in March.

I made this Mint Lemonade in April after being inspired at Honest Burger. 

And in May I made these Mini Egg Brownies

And this super tasty Chocolate Orange Tart (which i reprised this christmas for christmas day dessert). 

I then got super busy in July, with three cupcake recipes. ChocolateLemon Poppyseed and Banana

In august I made this Giant Cinnamon Bun.

And this Bakewell Tray Bake, which went down an absolute storm with my colleagues. 

And then in September, I made these Herby Dough Balls and an Adventure Tea Loaf. (Which unfortunately I didnt manage to photograph)

So thats 15 yummy new recipes published this year. I really enjoyed making these and feel really pleased that I have become more confident in my cooking ability. 

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