A Year in Crochet (2017 Edition)

So, as is customary at this time of year, I though a bit of reflection was in order. Sometimes its good to take stock of what you habe acheived. The first reflection is of my crocheting over the year. 

My first completed project of 2017 was this dinosaur scoodie. I actually started this back in august 2015 so was very pleased to complete it finally. I gifted it to my cousin for his 10th birthday – and according to his mum he loved it – he couldn’t wait to get to school to show his mates!

Then there are these cute little book marks I made back in February. You can find the patterns here and here

The next project I completed was my Christmas GSE blanket. Another one that had been on the pile for a while – Since april of 2015. But I stitched the last stitch and sewed in the last end of March 2017.

Then it was time for a little pile of baby gifts. A rainbow blanket for little baby Harley, and a fluffy blanket and matching hat for little baby Elkhana. I finished these all in April of 2017.

I then made these adorable sandles to take with me on my holidays back in May. 

I then got on with a couple of blankets for battersea dog and cat home, also both finished in May.

I then moved on to this Ami Octo. Completed in July. You can find the pattern here

And another doggy blanket also completed in July.

As well as this tiny octo, crocheted at thr request of my kitty. You can find the pattern here

I then made my first ever Shawl. This lovely shawl was madd with another of my Caron Cakes. You can find the pattern here. I finished this is August.

I then moved onto this lovely matching hat and scarf combo. You can find the patterns here and here.

I also started chipping away at my pile of little projects free from the front of my Simply Crochet magazines. I love the little cactus the most!

I then didnt finish anything for a while. I started on a few larger projects. The next thing I finished was this hat and mitten set, just in time for bonfire night. You can find the patterns here and here

Then there are the things I am working on still. These three I hope to have completed by the end of the year. A wreath, A Jumper and My Last Dance on the Beach Blanket. 

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