WIP Wednesday (22/11/17)

What a great week! I Have been super productive since my last post! 

I managed to complete the base of my gingerbread wreath. I used up 3 entire balls of Scheepjes Catona. I had to add a few more rows to the original 60 as I accidentally bough a 30cm ring instead of a 25cm. It took a lot of hard grafting to stretch it around the wreath and sew it up but I managed it. Now I am working on the decoration part, which should be a lot quicker and less boring. 

I have finally hit the halfway mark on the mystery project. I am well off where I should be on my previous projection (whereby I had decided to work 4 squares a week and be able to start werig it all together by early december) but I am making progress so that is still good! 

And I have made quite a bit more progress of my mustard jumper. I have pretty much finished the main body parts (just 2 more rows to go) so now I just have tp sew them together and make the neck line and sleeves.

The scarf hasnt grown but its not a priority so I am not thinking of it at the mo. 

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