A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 6 – Fun with Felt

For week 6 of my Very Pinterest Christmas was inspired by this tutorial from The Things She Makes. 

And here is my attempt:

I think they are very sweet – it took me a few goes to grt the shaping right (some of them are more like blobs than spheres) but I did manage to work it out in the end. 

As I had the blue gun and felt out, I also made these:

I cut out the tree shapes using my die cutter then painted on them with silver fabric paint. I then glued up the edges and stuffed them with fibrefill before sealing up the bottom edge.

I cant wait to see how they look on the tree!

A note for the wise though. Please be careful when weilding your glue gun. We have all had invidents with the glue its self, but usually that doesnt cause too much trouble. However, I as being careless and accidentally caught my wrist on the metal tip of the gun and boy did it hurt! Stung for ages afterwards and bexause it was on the part of my wrist where it creases when you move your hand, it was hard to keep it still which meant more pain and less crocheting for a bit. Not fun at all! So beware! Make sure you are paying attention to your gun!

6 thoughts on “A Very Pinterest Christmas Week 6 – Fun with Felt

  1. These are super cute! I haven’t got my glue gun out of its holster for ages. You’ve got me thinking about a glue gun binge for the weekend! Have fun decorating for Christmas!

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